Mulcahy Outdoor Rink Center Renamed and Revitalized

Officially! Welcome to the Bonnie Cusack Outdoor Rink Center in the Chester Creek Sports Complex.


The Cusack Center represents the rejuvenation of  what was, visibly, the most physically exhausted  facility in the Chester Creek Complex.   In the early days (1970’s),  Mulcahy Park’s twin outdoor rink and warming building complex hosted youth league games most nights of the week and was very busy with open public use at many other times.  Each summer the boards were taken away and 8 tennis courts were set for summer tournaments and youth camps. As usage declined with all youth hockey games moving to indoor arenas and  tennis demand and the condition of the courts also depreciated after some years, the complex lost much vitality revealing well worn hockey boards which stood year around along side a shuttered warming building now used as an equipment storage shed.

The “Mulcahy Rinks” still attract plenty of day-skaters, pick-up hockey patrons, and  youth teams frequently use the facility a for week night practice.  Over the past two years and through the generous contributions of park supporters, the aged out hockey boards and foundations were completely replace with new surface and equipment.  Currently, the warming shack is being restored for skater and program uses.   Under the new management of Alaska Ice Rink, Inc.,  the direction for this complex is toward a competition grade  venue attracting more usage and investment in the restoration of this valuable park venue.

Air, Inc. plans to manage facility rentals year around with an added value menu of amenities for patrons to consider for their events.  Ultimately, the goal is to maximize the recreation opportunity and population by equipping and managing the center for its highest and best use.  The facility is currently scheduling rentals for the 2014-15 season.   Call 277-2050 for reservations/details.

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