Kids Can Try Speed Skates at Westchester on Saturdays!

The Anchorage Skate Club will be at Westchester Lagoon every Saturday from January 9 to March 5 (weather permitting, of course!) in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department, to give kids a chance to try out speed skates!

We will have most of our skate fleet and helmets available for kids to try.  All kids ages 6-18 are welcome to try our equipment, but kids MUST have a parent or guardian to sign the appropriate forms so that they can skate!

For Mom and Dad, we are not able to provide skates, but you can rent great quality speed skates and Nordic Blades from Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking at 2633 Spenard Road.  Alaska Mountaineering And Hiking Speed Skate Rentals.

And there is always the Hot Chocolate and Coffee provided by the friendly staff of the City Parks and Recreation Department!

You can also get information about our other skating programs while you are there!

If you would like more information, please contact John Monroe, Program Director, at 538-7667, or email us at:

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